Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Cabinets, counters, sink gone!

Water would pool on the laminate countertops and seep out onto the walls, resulting in the formation of black mold (q.v.). (Home Depot said I can remove that myself.) The new countertop and 4" blacksplashes will be made of Silestone, so I should no longer have that problem. I'll tile the rest of the backsplash myself. I'm thinking iridescent green glass tiles in a variety of shades.

Next step is to have an electrician in to relocate three outlets, check out the wiring for the recessed lights, and switch out the ceiling fan. The recessed lights were installed by a handyman and have been burning out. The cabinet installers suggested the wiring was faulty. Yikes! Now that the cabinets have been removed, the electrician can have access to the interior of the soffit in places.

After that, the wall has to be patched to make it smooth for the backsplash. Meanwhile I will spackle and sand the soffit, then prime and repaint it, since the handyman didn't get that right. There are dings in the drywall and he didn't use ceiling paint, so grease spots have already appeared.

You wouldn't believe the trash that was underneath and behind the cabinets, including an empty Sprite can. The demo guys swept it up. Now I have to get the grime off the floor that was concealed by the cabinets, fridge and stove. Tonight I bought some sudsy ammonia for that. I have my own work cut out for me and am glad I have a long weekend.

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