Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I've got running water...

in the kitchen again. The plumber was here today. Four valves need to be replaced, however. One is leaking slightly. So the plumber has to come back. Meanwhile he put a towel and a bowl under the drip, so the new cabinet won't get damaged. Needless to say, the city inspection scheduled for tomorrow has been cancelled.

A cabinet guy is coming back first thing in the morning to cut a hole into the inside of the cabinet by one of the valves, so the plumber can do what he has to do. Right now the valve is practically scraping the side of the cabinet, and it would be impossible to affix a handle to it. (And they don't make special handles for that situation. I asked.)

I'm also getting ice again. The plumber re-connected the water line to the fridge. He also connected the water lines to the dishwasher, but I won't be able to use it till the electrician comes back and finishes his work (after the inspection). The plumber also installed the new disposer, but I won't be able to use that either till the electrical work is finished.

Before the plumber got here, someone from his office called to ask whether the elevators here are on the inside or outside of the building. She said the plumber is afraid of heights. I told her I was too, and that the elevators are on the inside. And if the elevators had been on the outside?

The new faucet, by the way, works like a "fine precision instrument." There's also a built-in soap dispenser on the other side, which I filled tonight, and used.

So I can now do my dishes in the kitchen--rather than the bathroom (mostly glasses and silverware these days). (When I eat here, I use paper plates.) Looking forward to being able to use the stove and dishwasher, too. Maybe by Thanksgiving.

I'd not had any running water in the kitchen since July 2.

Monday, November 3, 2008


The faucet is not connected yet. It has a pull-down sprayer spout. At the right is a built-in detergent dispenser (not fully installed yet). The sink is large and deep.

This is a little dark, but I'm trying to show the pattern of the Silestone ("Yukon Blanco"). Click to enlarge a bit. It's off-white with random, white dappling or mottling throughout it. There are also little dark specks in it. It's subtle but interesting. Very beautiful. Certainly beats the ceramic tile and laminates that were here before. Also, Silestone is virtually indestructible as far as counter tops go.

The counters go perfectly with the bright white cabinets. I can't wait to put up the colorful iridescent glass tile backsplash.

Almost there

(Yes, it's been that long since anything's been done in the kitchen.)

Counter installers here today.

Now the electrical has to be inspected and finished, and the plumbing hooked up.

Here (and at top) you can see the brackets I bought and prepped.

This counter has a nice bowed shape. All have bullnose edge.

Before the counter guys got here, the cabinet guys were here to add the overlay to the spice rack (top right) and adjust a shelf for me. The cabinets then passed their final inspection.

The drywall guys came next and repaired all the drywall. Remember how bad it was on this wall? (See here.)